Agile Ideas

We have to change the world, one agile iteration after the other.

About me

I’m in love with startups and technology. But how do you move from a management consultant to startups, from the safety and security of corporations to the volatility of the startup world?

Well … you just do it! I will write a post on how to move from corporations to startups without losing any of your comfort, or your mind.

What do I do now:

  •  I’m currently based in Kuala Lumpur, working as a Growth Hacker at Mindvalley, a wonderful company with a noble goal to help every single human being become a better person. We have new products coming out soon, so keep an eye on us.
  • In the meantime, as I don’t know how to code, but I am learning and I love it, I co-founded a non-profit organisation with a couple of (girl)friends in Bucharest – Girls Who Code Romania – with a serious goal to support girls get careers in tech in Romania. We are +1,200 girls now and we’re growing every single day.
  • I’m BizDev for Work In Startups, the best place to find a job in a startup or candidates only for startups, planning to expand to Canada and US soon. So stay tuned for really cool stuff 😉
  • I started a startupFirsty – which was a good idea, but failed to implement before the MVP launch. I will completely redesign it, focus on a niche and launch it small. Yep, I didn’t do it lean and that killed it.
  • I’m also a fitness instructor 🙂 I love sports and action sport.

I’ll be writing about starting startups, failing, succeeding, growing businesses, execution and implementation of ideas, changing the world, how learning to code is not that difficult, some reviews of books and other resources for startups I devour every day, and probably lots of learning from bumping my head on all the new things I try almost every day.

So, keep close and join me if you’re into trying new things all day every day :-).

Say hello if you like:


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