People have opinions about one thing or the other. It doesn’t matter the topic, people will have something to say about it. It’s in our nature to express ourselves and try to influence others, to somehow get confirmation of our being right from other people. We actually try to get confirmation for our way of living, for ourselves, for who we are at any given time, but that is another subject.

I am one of those opinionated people, a bit annoying maybe if the subject is something in which I am emotionally involved (and yes, I know that emotions cloud up reason), but nevertheless I am always up for  a tough discussion about one of the topics that interest me. Even if I am proven wrong, I still consider these discussions fruitful and full of learning.

But it’s one thing to have opinions and it’s another thing to be confident that expressing yourself will actually be useful, as you are not sure how valid your ideas are. Scientifically speaking, a theory is valid only if it’s supported by research and data, otherwise it will remain a theory. That’s the reason why I found it hard to start a blog, as every time an idea came to me I considered I have to work more on it before I put it out there. But, after reading, learning, discussing, I decided to do the writing anyway. If my ideas are valid, well done to me, if they turn out to be wrong, no problem, I can always learn and move on. This is the result of that decision: I will write of all the topics that go through my head, all the things that I figured out on the way, all the “revelations” I had at certain times. And when I am wrong, that’s just another opportunity to learn more, which is all I want to do anyway.